No joy for the Bloods as Old Geelong proved too strong at home while the U/19s went down in a tight First Semi Final.The Ressies were never really in the contest for their last game of the season. So finals footy next weekend as we attempt to get back into B Grade in 2018.

The trip to Como Park wasn’t very productive as we rue another one that got away. Second spot was assured and with a bit more resourcefulness in front of goal, the result may have been different. Waitey did end up with five goals to share leadership of the Premier C goalkicking (53 goals in 14 games)  while Aaron Toy waas superb in defence. Skipper Paul and Nick Gooda were productive in the midfield. The endevour was there but it ended up being a wasteful sort of day. 

We now look forward to taking on Caulfield in the first semi. The record stands at one all during the year and it will be a matter of who turns up the better prepared.


Old Geelong 2.3-15 6.3-39 8.5-53 10.7-67
Old Haileyburians 1.3-9 2.6-18 5.7-37 7.12-54
Goal Kickers: N. Waite 5, J. Nicolopoulos, C. Rich
Best Players: A. Toy, J. Paul, N. Gooda, N. Waite, J. Arthur, B. White

The U/19s went down to Old Ivanhoe in the first semi final. After a slow start, the boys staged an excellent third quartter comeback, led by Ollie Sharpe, Spencer Ward and Liam Stocker. Indeed we hit the front during the last quarter and appeared to have the momentum. But Ivanhoe came back with a goal but this was soon negated by a terrific Sam Loewe snap. Scores were level with only minutes to play but the last 5 minutes belonged to Ivanhoe as the efforts to get back into the contest took its toll. It was a high-quality game all day. Joel Constable was again solid down back, Will Paul continued his recent rich vein of form. Stocker finished with four majors. 

Old Ivanhoe Grammarians 4.3-27 6.6-42 10.10-70 14.12-96
Old Haileybury 0.0 4.2-26 9.6-60 13.10-88
Goal Kickers: L. Stocker 4, S. Hall-Kahan 2, S. Ward, R. Thompson, J. Johnston, M. Kirkwood, C. Seccull, S. Loewe, B. Foyster
Best Players: L. Stocker, S. Ward, W. Paul, O. Sharpe, J. Constable


The Ressies finished the year off with a slightly disappointing result given the improved year they had. We were unable to hold out the hosts in the second quarter and this proved the difference in the end. It was good to have Alfy back playing, while Zach Tsinanis was good all day.

Old Geelong 3.2-20 8.5-53 11.6-72 16.9-105
Old Haileyburians 2.3-15 4.3-27 5.6-36 7.8-50
Goal Kickers: T. Coles 2, B. Oakes 2, A. Woltering, J. Cain, K. Hartnett
Best Players: Z. Tsinanis, J. Cain, A. Woltering, T. Coles, A. Dunn, A. Budge

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