Round 5 Review


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The girls were the victors this weekend recording a very solid victory over Old Carey. The boys didn’t have much joy, coming up against a strong St Bernards outfit.

There are long passages of the game where we are right in the match but then there are other sessions where St Bernards took full advantage. Unfortunately we were unable to take our opportunities when they were presented. We produced some football in the second quarter which was as good as anything this year. Led by Corey Connelly, the boys kicked the first two goals of the quarter but couldn’t maintain the pressure for long enough.
The third quarter was quite even as the visitors knew they were in a match. Oakesy was making his presence felt on the forward line and Trevo was proving to be a tower of strength with his marking around the ground. Everyone was contributing and the scoreboard belied the evenness. The young backline was under the pump for a lot of the game but demonstrated some real character led by Rayner Seccull and Riley Thompson at full back. Torsten Williamson showed enough in his first game to suggest he has a future in the magenta and black.

After a tough three quarters, it wasn’t totally surprising that the visitors got a few easier goals late in the game. Darras Seccull bagged three goals and is beginning to find some form, getting a fair proportion of the ball.

The boys travel with their passports to Bulleen to take on Old Carey this weekend. With a few players returning and a willingness to contest every ball, we can go close.

Old Haileyburians    1.1-7    3.6-24    6.8-44    7.13-55
St Bernards    3.7-25    9.9-63    13.13-91    19.18-132

Goal Kickers: D. Seccull 3, C. Connelly 2, J. Gasparini, B. Oakes
Best Players: P. Shakallis, C. Connelly, J. Paul, W. Paul, J. Donnelly, L. Treverton

Ressies Supercoach Rainsy is planning a career in being a tennis linesman so had a call of duty on Saturday. Constable and Seccull admirably filled the large void but we hope Rainsy’s career is better than this guys.
The boys were game again but just keep coming up against bigger bodies like the ones from St Bernards.

Old Haileyburians    1.0-6    3.1-19    5.4-34    6.4-40
St Bernards    3.8-26    7.14-56    13.18-96    23.20-158

Goal Kickers: S. Hall-Kahan 2, J. Cain, J. Elston, M. Irwin, A. Ventouras
Best Players: J. Elston, A. Ventouras, D. Green, J. Cain, A. Coleman, M. Seccull

Old Haileybury Women’s secured a terrific 37-point victory against Old Carey at Caulfield Park on Saturday afternoon in perfect conditions for football. Considering the team was down by 4 points at half time it was a very pleasing 2nd half with a strong victory at full-time with a very even spread of contributors across the day.
This week our depth was tested with 10 of our squad of 28 unavailable due to either injury or social calendar conflict.  Fortunately, we had 3 girls Danni San-Jose, Elaine Donnelly and Maya Bennett fill-in for the day – 2 of the girls never playing a game of AFL previously. Thanks for helping us out.
Old Carey had a purple patch in the 2nd quarter kicking 4 goals in less than 10 minutes.  However, despite this flood of goals our backline led by Georgina Janssen, Charlotte Russo, Maggie Dunn, Maddie Leyden and Alana Hall did a terrific job keeping Old Carey scoreless 3 of the 4 quarters.
We welcomed Danielle Frawley who played her first game of the season with a near best on ground performance providing plenty of run on her wing.  In addition, Claire Stark returned to play her first game of the season and her skill and football nous was a welcome addition to our team. A great asset to have Danielle and Claire “up and running” and they bring a new dimension to our team which thrilled coach Danny Frawley.
Frances Land continued her stand out first season of AFL with a terrific exhibition of hard, tenacious and competitive footy.  Frances leads from the front and her on-ball combination with Carly Dillon has proven a great success in recent games. Both kicked a goal from good strong marks in the forward 50.
Our forward dynamo Pulli Gardivawasam kicked a season high 4 goals with an “Eddie Betts” type game where her forward crumbing work was great to see.  Pulli creates so much energy in our forward line that is infectious which our team feeds off which is terrific.
Jess Wright played an outstanding game on Saturday kicking a goal and close to another, but it was her defensive work up forward that created many opportunities for others. Well done Jess. It wasn’t so long ago that we were barracking for Jess’s brother Anthony who played for the club for four seasons. Good to see father John also back involved.
The Hearts now sit 2nd on the ladder after 4 games with a 3 win – 1 loss record to date. 
We hope to have a few of our injured girls back soon and we look forward to getting our full team together on the one park soon.
Next Saturday 12th May we play old Mentonians at 2pm at Keysborough Playing Fields.

Old Haileybury  2.3-15    3.3-21    6.11-47    8.14-62
Old Carey    0.0        4.1-25    4.1-25    4.1-25

Goal Kickers: P. Gardiyawasam 4, D. San Jose, C. Dillon, F. Land, J. Wright
Best Players: F. Land, D. Frawley, S. Stewart, C. Dillon, P. Gardiyawasam, J. Wright

The first luncheon of the year was a resounding success. Peter Nicholson, not surprisingly, entertained the audience with anecdotes and tales from his tenure at both clubs. Renowned for his wit and attempts to get into the heads of opposition players, Nicho explained how he didn’t expect to get the OHAFC job after a seriously sledged Matthew Armstrong was on the selection panel. Fortunately, Whoppy was either outvoted or forgave. The rest is history.

Details have been released of the “Goods and Services Auction Night” to be held on the 21st of July. This is a major fundraiser for the club. There will be a live band, finger food and with drinks at bar prices, this will be a great night out for only $50. The venue is the Brighton Baths Function Room.

Tickets can be purchased here

Numbers are limited so get in early!

If you have any ideas for goods or services donations please contact Danny Frawley or Scott Ellis


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