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Young Bloods and Hearts are looking for work and you may be able to help.


2017 was an outstanding year for Haileybury Football with the Seniors winning C grade flag, Under 19s getting into the GF for the second year in a row, the women’s team making finals in their first year of playing, the Reserves team having their most successful season in many years and the School Firsts Football team winning the APS premiership after an undefeated season
This success is due in part to having high-quality individuals with great values who represent the club and who work hard. They have been brought up and educated well and are prepared to work together in a team environment to achieve common outcomes.
These same qualities make for great employees but they need your help.
Many of the younger players will be finishing either VCE or University exams in November and will be looking for summer vacation work in the holidays until Uni returns in March.  Many others are after ongoing part time work while they finish off Uni courses whilst of course, our players who are graduates or are already in the workforce would love the chance to be included in your business recruiting pool for relevant full time jobs. 
Reliable, smart and well-mannered staff are vital to all businesses regardless of whether you need them on a part or full time basis and Old Haileybury Football Club is brimming with young men and women keen to fill your employment needs. 
We can include any job advertisements you have on the players facebook page and the club can act as a cheap and easy source of finding quality employees.  Just contact us with any employment opportunity you need filled and chances are, we will have a quality person available for you to consider
Please direct any queries or opportunities to Michael Constable at

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