Round 10 Review

The club took on Old Scotch and Old Meburnians but were unable to come away with the chocolates.

The Seniors and Ressies ventured to Scotch College to take on one of the leading teams in the competition. An injury depleted Ressies were soundly beaten, while the Seniors battled hard all day but couldn’t quite get on top of the hosts.

Despite the cold and dreary conditions, the game, from our perspective, got off to a bright start. Early efficient ball movement resulted in two early goals for Jack Munro. The boys were playing well with Nick Gooda and Brodie Steele getting into the game early and Durras Seccull taking some good marks across half forward.Things settled as the rain came down and it ended up being a real slog for the rest of the quarter. Scotch had got themselves settled and seemed well set up with men behind the ball.
The second and third quarters were similar. We probably had as many forward entries but couldn’t convert enough of them to exert any real scoreboard pressure. Meanwhile the tall Scotch forwards weren’t getting any shorter and their marks began to stick. Jack Munroe was continuing to get plenty of the ball, while Trevo was also taking some good marks around the ground. Corey Connelly kept putting himself in as many contests as possible and became a bit of a rag doll, he was thrown around that much.
The last quarter was going to be a real test as we were a fair way behind. To the boys’ credit they stuck to the task well to essentially match Scotch. Goals from Trevo and Corey meant the scoreboard had a bit more respectability, but importantly their was still plenty of endeavour in the last stanza. This was exemplified by Durras Seccull who chased hard in the final few minutes to lay a big tackle.
The game highlighted once again that we aren’t a long way from matching it with the top teams. The effort is there but we just need a bit more polish at certain moments during the game. The noticable thing is that the top sides make you pay for your mistakes. We just need to reduce these payments.

Old Scotch 4.1-25 7.5-47 11.9-75 13.12-90
Old Haileyburians 2.1-13 2.5-17 2.9-21 4.10-34

Goal Kickers: J. Munro 2, L. Treverton, C. Connelly
Best Players: J. Munro, T. Rogerson, P. Shakallis, J. Paul, A. Toy, C. Connelly

Old Scotch 9.6-60 19.11-125 27.18-180 37.24-246
Old Haileyburians 0.0 0.1-1 0.1-1 0.1-1


Best Players: T. Wegner, M. Quiambao, J. Mulholland, M. Seccull, A. Salomon, B. White

The Hearts ventured to Camberwell to take on ladder leaders Old Scotch on Saturday morning. It was an early start in good conditions for footy but unfortunately, we went down by 35 points on the day to a well drilled opposition.
The Hearts played a solid 4 quarter match in terms of relentless pressure and intensity to the ball, however Scotch showed why they are the ladder leaders and their strength is their evenness across the board.
With a strong share of players unavailable for the game we called upon 2 soccer players (new to AFL) to assist us in getting a team on the park this week. Thanks to Lexi and Candy who helped us out on the day and Lexi showed her soccer skills with a terrific off the ground goal early in the last quarter.
Claire Weiss our prime onballer started the game terrifically well and was near on best on ground before she received a corkie just before the end of the 2nd quarter to finish her for the day.
Kelly Eaton another “soccer convert” played an outstanding game and is a key player in the Hearts team. A highly versatile player is Kelly and her ball winning ability, athleticism and depth of kicking was again a highlight of her game.
Samantha Stewart has been a revelation in the past 2 weeks since being moved to the back half of the ground. Her netball background as a defender leads the way in terms of her discipline in shutting down her opposite player and driving the ball forward on a regular basis.
Carly Dillon and Taylor VC – continued their strong seasons as wingers and a great asset to the team with both continuing to drive the ball forward during the game.
Sarah E “Bear” and Carla were both outstanding in their role down back and are great assets to the team with her beautiful skills and positioning against her opponent.
Danielle Frawley coming back after missing a number of games is gaining confidence and it is showing in the quality of the footy, she is playing. Chelsea Frawley continues to be the heartbeat of this team and her leadership and competitive nature is a great example for all of our players.
The Hearts drop out of the 4 by percentage and with 4 games to go will need to win 3 possibly 4 of the remaining 4 games to make the finals. The next 3 games are on our home ground, at Princes Park so we need to make the most of the familiar ground to bring home the 4 points this week.

Old Scotch 1.2-8 3.3-21 6.4-40 7.5-47
Old Haileyburians 1.0-6 1.0-6 1.0-6 2.0-12

Goal Kickers: A. Karatzikos, G. Janssen
Best Players: K. Eaton, S. Stewart, C. Dillon, T. Vines-Chapple, S. Allingham, C. HewittOld Haileybury 0.3-3 1.5-11 4.5-29 4.6-30
Old Melburnians 4.1-25 4.3-27 6.7-43 8.11-59


The U/19s hosted OMs on Saturday and were very competitive all day. Sam Hall-Kahan returned for his first game for the year and gave the boys a real target up forward. Red Fennessy was again active around the ground, taking a number of strong marks. Bainy played his best game for the year, being extremely solid down back.
It was probably a case of the boys not taking their chances as we generally matched OMs around the ground and in general play.

Goal Kickers: S. Hall-Kahan, S. Zanelli, H. Hall-Kahan, L. Venturi
Best Players: R. Fennessy, T. Bain, J. Grenda, H. Hall-Kahan, C. Dovaston, C. Daymond

Unfortunately we have had to postpone the lunch for next Saturday. We will soon be back with details of the next luncheon.

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