Beanie plays Game 200
3rd August – Kids Luncheon including Junior Jumper Presentation

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Beanie about to break through the banner commemorating his 200th game on Saturday. Cousin Sam and good friend Mase are doing the honours, with future 200 gamers lending assistance. An important achievement as it means he now becomes a Life Member of the club.
Other milestones last weekend with Gus Bonwick following in Grandfather and Father’s footsteps in donning the magenta and black for the first time.
And we had Will Paul return from overseas to play his first game for the year but also in time to celebrate his 21st birthday.

Tough conditions on the weekend in a real blast of winter. Both the Hearts and Senior Bloods came out on top, while the Ressies and Young Bloods were no match for stronger opposition.
The Senior Boys faced an important clash against Old Geelong who were sitting just above them on the ladder. Having tasted victory over them earlier in the year, we probably started slight favourites. It was a pretty dour struggle all day, but as the game went on it became apparent that we were better equipped.

We kicked with the aid of the wind in the first quarter although the wet conditions made it less relevant. We were inaccurate during the quarter with our only goal coming from Ollie Sharpe who, I think kicked his first senior major. We had also kicked 8 behinds and kept the visitors to hold a handy 13 point advantage at the first change. This was only the third time we had done this for the year and clearly a positive sign.

The second stanza followed a similar script. We seemed to have adjusted well to the conditions and the boys were all attacking the ball well. Plymo and Shak were winning their share of the ball out of the middle while Corey Connelly seemed to be everywhere. Durras, Corey and Gledders with a magnificent banana all got on the goalkickers list and we were asserting our authority. The backline was holding up well, led by the ever reliable Aaron Toy and Rodgo.

In a really good sign for the rest of the season, we kept the pressure right up to Geelong and they were never really able to mount a serious challenge. We kicked another two goals in the third quarter and there was a real feeling that the game was all but over.

And this proved to be the case. Geelong had kicked two goals in the second quarter but were unable to penetrate the big sticks again, which was a real testament to our backline. Shak and Nick Gooda got amongst the goalscorers. Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot more to report. The last quarter was played in darkness, which was a worry as there was the real possibility the game could go for three days as our illustrious timekeeper couldn’t see the play.

But we got there in the end and the Adyn Coleman took the obligatory cordial shower as the song was sung with great gusto. It was a really emphatic win from the boys as they demonstrated their ability to perform over the four quarters. They were vocal and up and about from the firstbounce and it showed on the scoreboard. They are going to worry all teams if they come with the same attitude.

Old Haileyburians 1.8-14 4.9-33 6.13-49 10.19-79
Old Geelong 0.1-1 2.5-17 2.6-18 2.8-20

Goal Kickers: C. Connelly 3, S. Loewe 2, P. Gleadhill, P. Shakallis, D. Seccull, O. Sharpe, N. Gooda
Best Players: P. Shakallis, R. Thompson, S. Loewe, P. Gleadhill, C. Connelly, J. Paul


Another important win for the Hearts on Saturday to put them a game clear in fourth spot. Old Mentonians were the visitors and after a relatively even first stanza, we gradually got on top to record a solid victory. Jordan Shanks was again leading goalkicker bagging another 2 for the game. Dannielle Frawley had her best game since returning from injury while Anna Stewart and Weissy were excellent performers again.

Old Haileyburians 1.4-10 2.5-17 4.10-34 4.10-34
Old Mentonians 0.0 0.1-1 0.1-1 2.2-14

Goal Kickers: J. Shanks 2, A. Stewart, P. Gardiyawasam
Best Players: D. Frawley, A. Stewart, C. Weiss, K. Eaton, J. Mount, M. Waterman


Old Haileyburians 0.0 1.3-9 1.3-9 2.5-17
Old Geelong 8.7-55 12.9-81 14.14-98 20.14-134

Goal Kickers: D. Fletcher, J. Schneider
Best Players: M. Seccull, J. Mulholland, M. Quiambao, W. Paul, A. Ventouras, A. Salomon


Mazenod 6.4-40 13.9-87 21.13-139 25.14-164
Old Haileybury 0.0 0.0 0.0 3.3-21

Goal Kickers: S. Hall-Kahan, C. Daymond, Z. Plafadelis
Best Players: C. Cho, D. Green, O. Gorozidis, D. Zu, T. Bain, C. Daymond


The next Home Game Luncheon will be held on the 3rd of August and the appeal goes out to all the youngsters. It will be our kids day, with the highlight being a presentation of their very own Magenta and Black OHA jumper. We may be even able to get Dad or Mum’s number on the back. Further details to come with plenty of activities for the “littlies” and some pleasures for the “oldies”. It is important to let organisers know early if you would like a jumper so contact Mark Thompson (0407 040715) or hyxy (0407 220952).

2 Sherrins in action

Weissy in Action
Go George!
Danielle Frawley in Action
Singing the Song!

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