OHAFCLotto Draw No 8.

Saturday nights just aren’t the same – as they used to be before. Richard Clapton was prophetic all those years ago although he would not have forseen how the OHAFCLotto has transformed people’s perspective on what a good time really looks like. Our first dual winner with all the details to be found here –

Vale Andy Williams

Vale – Andrew “Andy” Williams.
The OHAFC mourns the passing of club stalwart Andrew Williams who passed away yesterday after a long illness battle.
Andy Will, as he was affectionately known, was the consummate clubman. He played 213 games for the club between 1968 and 1980, winning the club’s Best & Fairest in only his second year. He was a member of the 1969 Senior and 1973 Premiership teams and was made a Life Member in 1980. He played in the midfield early in his career before later moving to the forward line. Andy was a great team player – hard at the ball and always prepared to look after his mates. Renowned for his penetrating drop kicks, he was also a bit superstitious, preferring to be the last player on the ground. He confided in having a great love for the game and OHAFC players that came after him were buoyed by the support he gave over many years. He was a part of a keen and vocal group that appreciated the 120 minutes of play on the field and the off field post-mortem nearly as much. And Andy would invariably be an integral part of that keen discussion. Always with a smile on his face, he could talk about footy forever, and especially the OHAFC which he loved so much. Andy will be sadly missed by everyone associated with the club. Our thoughts are with Andy’s wife Robin and family.

Black Tie Draw of OHAFCLotto – No 6

It was a very formal affair last Saturday night with the sixth draw of the OHAFCLotto. The comperes were in their finest and we had another lucky winner of the weekly $300 prize. We have a number of weeks to go and soon the barrel and tutu will be travelling. The Link to watch last week’s draw can be found here –

OHAFCLotto Draw from Wembley

With the FA Cup taking place last Saturday, we thought it an opportune time to head across to the Old Dart and take in some of the action. We took the Keith Schilling Barrel and tutu with us as we understand how important it is to have continuity. It ended up being a great game and we also had a popular winner of the weekly $300 draw. The vision of the draw can be found here – https://youtu.be/-_TD0Y5y5o4